17 thoughts on “my mother’s garden

      1. They teach us so much more than survival and some surprising lessons are included. Like, however much and thoroughly you’ve planned something, mother nature follows her own.

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  1. This is so sweet. It’s times like this that we are noticing little things and family more and more. We’ve been cleaning out closets, poring over so much of what we’ve kept over the years. And now the little things mean even more. Thanks for this post. And thanks for supporting our blog as well.

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    1. Yes, all this situation is shifting our perspectives and making look at the small things which we so often take for granted 😊Thank you for supporting mine, I particularly like your “mantra”: Never too old to travel!

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      1. These are different times, for sure. We began our quarantine hoping to clean out and pare down. Now, we’re kinda muddling through the days doing very little by contrast. We’re ready to travel but don’t know to where or when. Stay safe out there. And thanks for taking a look and commenting.

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  2. Thank you for reading, Racquel. Your poem brought a tear to my eye. Like my father, I have always loved nature and everything that grows. I have less of a garden now; it’s partly tiled, while edged with cerise and scarlet Bougainvillea (Spanish), but there are flowering pots aplenty and I tell my fabulous white daisies how lovely they are when I pass….Keep well. x

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